FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is the quality of your final products like?

A.   Fabulous question.   Our print provider is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.   They are one of the largest and most successful professional print labs in Australia and have an outstanding reputation for the quality of their work.      We also have access to another fabulous print lab in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; who work on our one off specialty products and products not covered by our Melbourne based printer.


Q.   Where can we find your sports photography?   I'd like to purchase images of my athletes.

A.   Clicking on the link to Zen Creative Studios will take you to www.zencreativestudios.com where our sports photography is hosted.   Our sports photography images are available for purchase there.


Q.   What's a "Face Mounted Acrylic" and what's the difference between purchasing one of those and a print?  Whats the advantage of purchasing a Face Mounted Acrylic?

A.   Great question!   Face Mounted Acrylics are made by printing your image on metallic paper (a process that produces more vibrant colours), then mounting your photograph behind an optically clear piece of acrylic plastic.  The acrylic protects the print and the clarity and vibrancy of the print really "pop" visually.  The advantage of purchasing Face Mounted Acrylic prints is that they come ready to  hang in your home or office space and visually they are simply stunning!


Q.   When purchasing from your Scapes galleries I've noticed some images only have print options available - why is that?

A.   Some of the aspect ratios of the images, such as 3 by 1 or 4 by 1, are so large that our print provider is unable to frame them using the Mounted Acrylic process.  This does not mean that those prints cannot be framed.   Your local framing shop will be able to frame these prints for you.


Q.   What payment methods are available to me?

A.   Our store uses the Paypal system.   Your secure purchases can be made with any VISA or Mastercard.


Q.   Why do you only use couriers for delivery.

A.   We've never had a delivery not arrive when using couriers so we now stick with using them.   They are also much faster than services like Australia Post.


Q.   I'm an international customer not based in Australia.   Can I still order from you?

A.   Yes!   Absolutely you can.   Our print providers will deliver internationally, however you will pay a little more in postage than our Australian customers.